The Maladype Theatre launched its “Crossroads” project in 2011. The program’s main goal is to present artistic directions, theatres and workshops that represent new trends in cultural life, enhance new artistic initiatives, help in establishing new ways of contacts with the audience and foster ties among different countries. That way the European independent theatres are given the possibility to cooperate and establish a network that helps them in creating new meeting points for dialogue and interaction.

The Maladype Theatre has benefited a lot from its international ties: by establishing them it has the possibility to get acquainted with various theatrical troupes, traditions and institutions. We consider our important task also to present new trends, and young talents to our spectators. We invite theatres and performances that can adapt easily themselves to our location and technical conditions.



“Unfortunately, there’s nothing more we can do. The diagnosis is cerebral palsy; she’ll walk until she can’t walk anymore. And then – a wheelchair”. This prophecy is the starting point of my story. Behind the scenes of the theatre, between performing mandatory physiotherapy exercises, my struggles of coping with cerebral palsy will be exposed. This is an account of battles – against my body, against an environment of hostile glances, against the men in my life; and then there’s the dream to be exactly as I am, walk the way I know how to, stand on my own two feet, be an actress and, more than anything else, have no one telling me that “this is not how you walk on stage”. The show won the Tarin Shalfi Audience Favorite Award and an honorable mention at Theatronetto Festival.
Written and performed by: Maayan Kilchevsky

Directed by: Itay Plaut

Stage and costumes by: Noa Bendahan

Light design: Guy Galili

The play is performed in hebrew language with hungarian and english subtitles.

The length of the performance: 45 minutes

Maayan Kilchevsky is a triplet who was born prematurely and diagnosed with motor cerebral palsy. She graduated from Beit Zvi School for the Performing Arts, and holds a BA in Theatre Directing and Teaching from Kibbutzim College of Education. She is an actress in both theatre and film, as well as a director, playwright, acting teacher, and a student of Therapeutic Movement. Maayan has performed in numerous theatre productions including The Disabled (Beit Lessin), Beginners (Tmu-na), See Under Love (Ha-Sifria), Caress and Bilora (Ha-Simta), As You Like It (Thespis Ensemble), and Children of A Lesser God. She also played a role in the feature film Then She Arrived.

Itay Plaut is a director, teacher, and musician. He holds a BA in Theatre Directing and Teaching from Kibbutzim College of Education. His productions include The Diary (Theatronetto Festival 2016) which continues to be part of Tmu-na Theatre’s repertoire, Jacob Jacob and Good Parents as part of the Playwrights’ Project (Tzavta), and The Celebration is Over (Tzavta). He also adapted and directed Roberto Zucco by Bernard-Marie Koltès (Shiva)