Zoltán Borbély

You are the kind of supporter who helps the theatre’s everyday work and artistic ambitions primarily with your contacts. Why is it so important for you to build bridge between your acquaintanceship and the company?

Maladype meens meeting and I met a very talented group through Zoli. They are not just good actors but are good at heart. What they are working on is something special never seen anywhere else in the world, that’s why I feel it so important for others to see them.

What is so special about them?

On the one hand it’s the interactivity, on the other hand it’s the unbelievable adaptability. Talking like your mother tongue was Romanian in Master and Margarita, although you don’t even know a word in Romanian is the tricks of the trade.

Master and Margarita had a great impact on you...

Surely. I saw it int hat particular period of my life when I had a „novel” too, which was a judicial application, judged similarly to the Master’s novel. Anyway, Master and Margarita is one of my favourite books, and I was really surprised by the fact that the director and me have many similar concepts in common.

This performance took place in the National Theatre, but the company’s permanent habitat is a small flat on Mikszáth Square. Does it mean any specialty for you?

If it’s about Ubu King I call it brilliant. Staging this drama with this kind of set in that special place showed me how creative and talented they are. For me Platonov on Ódry Stage was a similar experience where the wole plot was played around a snooker table. The beautiest moment is when Sasha equilibrates on the edge of the table. Wonderful... I really liked Egg(s)Hell too, which I saw with my two little sons on Ódry Stage, and I didn’t regret taking them with me apart from some spicy scenes. It’s the story and the adaptation that counts, not the place. Among classics I prefer those I have already read.

There’s no such field of media where you haven’t worked and succeeded. As a communication expert what do you think of Maladype’s performances and their relation with the audience?

Outstanding. Ubu King is a good example of it. There was a little boy in the audience, who dropped something towards the end of the show. Ákos Orosz responded immediately and asked the child how old was him. He answered and Ákos connected the answer to the story and this gave the cue. Undertaking such a situation and benefitting from it is a special talent. I worked as a sport reporter and a good reporter’s characteristic is giving unique reactions to situations in a very short time. Maladype is extraordinary for having such actors who in spite of being similar to average people – riding the bike home after the show – always give surprising answers.

According to your original qualification you work as a lawyer now. What kind of advice could you give Maladype and other independent theatres concerning the strategy of cooperation between the economic sphere and culture?

It’s quite difficult because being independent is one of the most important velues of Maladype - never giving up its principals, never cooperating with celebrities in TV shows. Maladype is a kind of theatre never fit to the all-time culture politics. But there’s a particular group of intellectuals whose principles are very similar to those of Maladype and this can be a strong connection. Among them there are many who could give much help to the theatre. In my opinion this can be an opportunity.

Zoltán Balázs told me you were a real pacifist. Are you?

I am a pacifist and a humanist too, don’t really like to fight. I have witnesses many tragedies these days. I lost my best friend recently, he was a police general, as old as me. He always showed us strength, fought for noble causes, always seeking for conflicts. When I was a prosecutor we stood side by side. It was a real tragedy for me to loose him. There are so many difficulties in life, no one should look for trouble.

Zoltán would like to ask you to be the legal expert in Maladype’s upcoming premiere. What do you think, could you take this besides your work?

We have similar points of view regarding many things in life. Would be nice to work with him anytime, especially if the story is about criminal law. I need to know in which era does the story take place, for being a perfectionist I will certainly prepare...

Kata Koroknyai