The Maladype Theatre launched its “Crossroads” project in 2011. The program’s main goal is to present artistic directions, theatres and workshops that represent new trends in cultural life, enhance new artistic initiatives, help in establishing new ways of contacts with the audience and foster ties among different countries. That way the European independent theatres are given the possibility to cooperate and establish a network that helps them in creating new meeting points for dialogue and interaction.

The Maladype Theatre has benefited a lot from its international ties: by establishing them it has the possibility to get acquainted with various theatrical troupes, traditions and institutions. We consider our important task also to present new trends, and young talents to our spectators. We invite theatres and performances that can adapt easily themselves to our location and technical conditions.



On January 30 at 7 pm an unusual "Romanian-Hungarian match" will take place in the Ferencváros Cultural Center Theatre Hall. The special event with the title of MaRó is written by Csaba Székely and will be presented by the Yorick Studio from Târgu Mureş. After the performance - as the followers of the Crossroads programme have been accustomed - we will hold a public meeting with the creators.

About the show:

"The stories take place in Transylvania and show the strangeness, characteristics, mutual prejudices and habits of Romanian-Hungarian relations. The complexities and pains are presented by a brutal honesty of the Hungarian and Romanian actors. The performance lacks the tabu, the politically not that correct sentences blink one after another from the stage in the midst of endless laughing cramp of the audience." (Botond K. Nagy, Népújság Newspaper)


Raisa Ané
Benedek Botond Farkas
Csaba Ciugulitu
Piroska Fodor
Petra Badics
Ștefan Mura
István Nagy

Designer: Adrian Ganea
Director: Andi Gherghe
Writer: Csaba Székely

Lenght: 1h 35min

About the company:

The objective of Yorick Studio is to give a new color to the Hungarian cultural life by a bolder theatrical thinking in Târgu Mureş and beyond. They are convinced that the audience is open to the new and other. Therefore, they create performances in small or non-conventional spaces which offer a large possibility for experimentation; the company aims to promote contemporary drama, to stage and to play classical texts in new, modern theatrical language.

About the author:

Csaba Székely is a Hungarian writer and dramaturg from Transylvania.
Born and raised in Târgu Mureş; graduated the Faculty of Letters at Babeş-Bolyai University, then Drama Writing at University of Arts Târgu Mureş. Worked as an editor at A hét (The week) cultural newspaper until it was ceased, then he was employee of the Erdély (Transylvania) FM radio station, then a lecturer at University of Arts Târgu Mureş. Since 2013 he is a freelanced writer. His book with parodies about contemporary writers was published in 2004. His short stories appeared in Látó, Alföld and Jelenkor magazines. Started to write dramas in 2009, and his first radioplay, the Do You Like Banana, Comrades? written in English won the BBC’s prize. In 2013 besides the Award for Hungarian Contemporary Culture in Transylvania he won the Imison-prize by the British Society of Authors. With his latest dramas (Mineflowers, Mineblindness, Michael the Brave) he also won several literary and theatrical prizes.