László Sz. Deme: Heroes today

"To say the least it is a very intensive theatrical experience if the audience faces King Philip even if he is not on the scene. Another time Prince Alba sits in the face of the audience and while the story is going on behind him, he slowly raises his finger as if it had any meaning, but then we realise he just wanted to scratch his nose. Staring is also a kind of attention and if the audience would move inward, they would be part of the action and could not escape. The audience is so close to the actors that when Philip pushes off Carlos, or when Egmont almost rapes Klara, they can see the sweat of the wrestling bodies, the counteraction of the muscles, and for this it is a more shocking experience. The Maladype Base makes the relation between actors and audience relentlessly strong. So the two dramas, Goethe`s Egmont and Schiller`s Carlos are linked not just by the idea of freedom, the falling heroes, or the rebellion against dictatorship, but that they are shown in a very intimate space: There you are! Passion is not lost in past ages, it is still here and can bruise us."

László Sz. Deme: Heroes today (excerpt)