Gábor Bóta: Ubu – villainy brimming with life

Company Maladype is growing to one of the most exciting groups of the hungarian theatrical life. From time to time they fall in love with a material, object and form their performance around these. In Leonce and Lena they build a castle or a road from bamboo-canes, moreover the rods serve also as costumes. In Egg(s)hell life-size flamingos appear on stage as the part of the set but sometimes they turn out to be partners of the actors. In the performance Lorenzaccio the visual scene is determined by fire red gloves the colour of which are also refer to the flow of blood in the play and of course they are used as a tool to kill. Newpaper – in King Ubu – is good as it is, to read out from the pages, show the photos to the audience. This is the most effective part of the performance.

Gábor Bóta: Ubu – villainy brimming with life, Népszava