Bálint Kovács: Theatre makers

„The performance is outstandingly good not because of the words, rather the opposite. This time Maladype is primarily not speaking with words. They are speaking through body, bodies, through the outcries and the questions (of life and death) which are always hiding in accents, faces and continuous movements on the stage. Typical is how deep desperation breaks out via the monologue of Éva Bakos told in sign language, or of Hermina Fátyol, who tells it in Arabic. These „gushes” are not blocked by the end of the stage – particularly the big monologue acted out-cried-told by the eight actors at the same time – they can not stay on the tatami. The tension unravels and its effect is bigger than a real explosion. Larger than most other productions of the last year. (…) I can not tell when I last saw a play that had such a direct and strong influence. I am not sure I have ever seen anything like this."

Bálint Kovács: Theatre makers (excerpt), Magyar Narancs