György Karsai: Great Sound in the Rush

One of the most defining moments of the last season was Great Sound in the Rush from the independent Maladype Theatre... What is overwhelming in this magical performance is that music and movement start to speak, bodies and objects talk and make music together. Tarnished sentences are not necessary to be able to speak about emotions, about tragic and funny milestones in life: László Sáry composed an opera about Sándor Weöres' Theme and Variations (what a brilliant idea!), Zoltán Balázs directed it (another brilliant idea!), and for one hour we can watch and hear how these 8 performers tell us important life lessons filled with humour and tragic. Humbleness in acting and playing music, perfect knowledge, crystal clear thought and playfulness. It's that simple. The people who gave me this surprise: László Borbély, Lajos Rozmán, Anna Rákóczy, Anna Petrovics, László Kéringer, Ildikó Duffek, Kata Huszárik, Ágota Szilágyi.

György Karsai, Színhá, 2018