Szabolcs Somorjai: Then They’ll Create a Ritual for Themselves

“They are creating a ritual for themselves: they direct it and perform OUT-LET. The preparation is already characterized by the ephemeral rite of passage: the half-day vigil of the actors is like penance before a ritual, traditionally putting the participants in a different state of consciousness. Then the audience sees the more than an hour-long revelation a day and a half later: this is the length of time two lives, a total of approximately 60 years are condensed into with the most important events and feelings. It would have to be a painfully congested 60 minutes. Therefore, the author-performers had to make selections, and they based this selection on topics they were currently concerned with. Their birth, the start of their careers, love they let go or held onto, movements and sounds, sport and music, tradition and career. Treating and presenting all this with honesty.”

Szabolcs Somorjai, Then They’ll Create a Ritual for Themselves, blog, (excerpt) 2016.