Check This Out! Freely

“Everyone remembers Zoltán Balázs’s performance in the role of Hamlet from 10 years ago with great content. One of the many unique features of the production is definitely the fact that Maladype’s main engine is now returning to the stage after years of hiatus. As a matter of fact, actually, he does not enter the stage, per se, rather, he sits down with us in an apartment in the 8th district of Budapest (the so-called Maladype Base) and talks to us. He talks about a man who used to believe and then got disappointed in the Soviet system – at times, he talks to us as this man, from the inside, at other times he turns to us as Zoltán Balázs. In fact, in certain moments of the performance, these happen at the same time.”

Check This Out! Freely (excerpt), 2015.