Main award for the Most Successful Experiment/a Performance - Egg(s)Hell

37th INFANT, Novi Sad, 25th June – 2nd July 2010
Awards an Explanation of the Jury decision

In the session held on 2nd July 2010, Jury whose members are Mihaela Michailov (Chairperson), Olivera Djordjevic and Ana Tasic univocally reached the following decision:

1. To give the main award for the Most Successful Experiment / a Performance as a Whole to the performance Egg(s)hell by the Maladype Theatre from Hungary.
It is awarded for high artistic values of the entire theatrical act, for a precise and solid spontaneity in interactive relation with the audience, for an immense discipline, accuracy and imagination of playing. The five/member ensemble gave a performance displaying a great skill, glorifying pure play and the pleasure of life. Based on improvisations, their performance reveals a remarkable control of each movement, showing an admiring level of confidence the performers have in each other and perfectly matched gestures.

2. To give the Award for the Most Original Exploration of One Segment of Theatrical Language to the performance Nothing There or Do Dreams go to Sleep during the Day? by the Symptoms Group from Hungary and Desert 2010 by the Ister Theatre-Bitef Theatre from Serbia.
The performance Nothing There is awarded for a particular, functional set design, the use of new technologies in dance theatre, and well thought/out implementation of interactive real/time technology. The active presence of performers and their virtual partners coexists with lucidness and humor, creating an exciting hybrid of technological and live stage performance.

The performance Desert 2010 by the Ister Theatre is awarded for an authentic sensuality of dance, for an expressive physical research and expression of loneliness and alienation in our society. By its reduced and disciplined dance, performers have gently and subtly depicted the human condition in the age of post humanity, in the age of great influence of technology, which turns a man into a mechanism, automatising him and taking away his human character.

3. To give the Award for a Particular Expressivity and Aesthetic Renaming of Forms in the Border Field between the documents of life and an artistic artefact to the performance Reset co produced by the group Let’s... and Institution of Culture Vuk Karadzic from Serbia.
The performance is awarded for important collaborative effort between professional artists/dancers and amateurs, people with disabilities, which led to a creation of joint, homogenous, stylistically uniform and coherent dance, specific language, based on honest emotion. The unprofessional performers have succeeded in creating a particular, gentle, poetical language of dancing. Stage expression and participation in the creative process of dance proved to be very important for the people with disabilities, in regard to their social integration, as well as a multi-faceted individual growth.