Season opening press conference on the Trip ship

Next year the Maladype Theatre celebrates its 18th anniversary. Zoltán Balázs, the leader of one of the most important independent theatre groups in Hungary along with the old and new members started the “maturation” season with a press conference on the TRIP Ship, a venue which will have the Maladype as a preferred company from season 2018/2019. László Magács theatre director, the executive and artistic leader of TRIP Ship and Zoltán Balázs actor, director, artistic leader of Maladype Theatre presented the basics of the professional and structural cooperation plans of the next season. Three emblematic performance from the Maladype repertoire - Richard III (d. Sándor Zsótér), Csongor and Tünde (d. Zoltán Balázs), August (d. Zoltán Balázs) - from November 2018 will be hosted by the TRIP Ship Theatre Hall. There will be a coproduction with the ship opening on 11st of April 2019, a site-specific performance based on the Yvonne by Witold Gombrowicz directed by Zoltán Balázs.

The press conference presented the age-specific theatre metodology concept named FIVE GATES. The talent developing programme reflects on cultural changes in Hungary and abroad creating a new model of education and theatre practice. The concept articulated in terms of professional innovation besides the permanent research team, the Maladype Juniors, wishes to offer a possibility for diverse organizations, cultural institutions and persons to join the programme in time as a strategic partner.

The executional goal of the FIVE GATES theoretical experiment - besides with a publication ordered by Dr. Ferenc Miszlivetz, the general director of Institution for High Education - is the integrative permanent research along with the actors, theatre professionals and civils which is available for the international professional institutions and partners.

The FIVE GATES wishes to support talented entrant actors who learn the general processes of theatre making and as “modern artists” of the future theatre they could earn the knowledge beased on experience and high standards which they need finding the link between “old” and “new” along their career.

The artistic leader of Maladype mentioned as a special opportunity that his company could be extended with the collective sign up of the graduation class from the Art University Targu Mures, Romania and built upon the FIVE GATES methodology can contribute to a new theatre model.

On the press conference appeared the Maladype Junior team (Brigitta Dőry, Brigitta Erőss, Róbert Fekete, Simon Jáger, Ivett Andrea Lukács, Gáspár Mesés, Lilla Zsenák) and the trainers participating in the FIVE GATES concept (Dr. Györgyi Illés speech teacher, Kata Huszárik actress, Kornél Mogyoró percussionist, Ágota Szilágyi actress). Sylvia Huszár presented the international plans for the season, the festival invitations, guest performances and also the possible international aspects of the FIVE GATES programme.

Zoltán Balázs as closing remarks mentioned the difficulties of the independents with their sustainability and fundings since many years and asked the responsible cultural supporters to help the valuable communities who represent a long term concept in their art and are able to think in process and progression and to organize the expedition of the organic concept and complex strategy on the ‘terra incognita” of the future and create the base and condition for the next generation of theatre makers.