Tours and prizes as season starters

The Maladype Theatre is a permanent guest of international theatre festivals in Europe, Asia and America. The members started this season with guest performances and significant prizes. The company attended many festivals in September with the Great Sound in the Rush performance. The “semi-serious” opera of László Sáry - a co-production with the Quaartsiluni Ensemble - was firstly performed in the New Synagoge of Zilina within the Contemporary European Performance program series. Afterwards the company attended the Fiat - International Theater Festival in Podgorica, the direction of Zoltán Balázs was awarded by the professional jury with the “Most Original Musical Concept’s Theatrical Execution” prize. In the jury’s opinion “the company reached the style-magic with a stunning refinement. The artists are experts in the wide scale of the theatre profession, they realize this exciting experimental conception with the medium of dance and music”. After the succes in Montenegro in the beginning of September the Great Sound in the Rush’s group performed the combinatoric poem of Sándor Weöres near the Ararat at the HIGH FEST International Theatre Festival in Jerevan.

The Richard III of the Maladype was performed in May at an international festival for the first time at the World-Theatre Festival in Brno. The performance directed by Sándor Zsótér with excellent guest artists got many invitations to remarkable Shakespeare-festivals. The performance will debut in 2019 at the Shakespeare Festival in Bitola, Macedonia and the Shakespeare Festival in Neuss, Germany, and there are negotiations with festivals in Iran, England and Denmark.

The graduation performance of the Art University of Targu Mures entitled August - its players are the members of the Maladype Theater’s Junior group from 1st September 2018 - got also invitations in the season 2018/2019. The succesful performance directed by Zoltán Balázs in October reached many places as a Maladype Theater production. The non-verbal performance inspired by the novels of Bruno Schulz was performed at the Borstnik International Theater Festival on 19th of October in the Cultural Centre of Lendva.

The Odeon Theatre’s Gardenia performance was invited to FITO - Internation Theatre Festival of Oradea on 25th of October. For the direction of the performace made within the Fabula Mundi Playwriting Europe international project Zoltán Balázs won the Best director prize awarded by the professional and the student jury. The festival prized the set design (Constantin Ciubotariu) and the costume design (Andrada Chiriac) as well. The Gardenia was performed on 14th of October at the Festivalului Fest(In) pe Boulevard International Festival in Bucharest, then on 25th and 26th of October at the Romanian POSZT, the FNT - National Theater Festival. After the guest-performance on November 10 at the International Theater Festival of Ploiesti the performance will debut at the International Gathering of Contemporary Dramas in Milano.

The growing international interest to the Maladype Theater is an indicative of the productive international relationships, guest-performances and the cooperational ambition. The experiences with the international performances are improving and shaping the company’s creator approach, sensitize for the innovation, the progressive theater thoughts. Open for the international theater processions in the second part of the season the Maladype Theater’s international plans include some lands beyond like Singapore, China, Uganda and Izrael.