By the Theatre Critics Dada Cabaret is one of the best independent theatre performances of the year

This year the Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Association presents the Theatre Critics Award for the 38th time rewarding the prior season’s best theatre performances. The members of the Association can vote for the best creations and creators after watching at least ninety Hungarian shows in fifteen categories.

In the season 2016/2017 the Maladype Theatre’s Dada Cabaret is nominated for the best independent theatre performance.

The Theatre Critics Awards ceremony will be on 21st of September, 8 pm at Budapest Puppet Theatre, tickets HERE.


About Dada Cabaret:


“...the quality of contents and the professional execution of the artists raises the performance into the timeless category of culture.” Máriusz Takács, Kultifilter, 2016


„The Dada Cabaret is edited madness, freedom given by gramme, mannered vomit. Zoltán Balázs guessed the measure of intemperance.” Ákos Török, 7óra7, 2016


„Zoltán Balázs with strong hands and playful lightness directed a big whoop-de-doo inspiring the players into a huge arse around. Beyond that is the savour of the crazed, demented world full of slaughter creating the dadaism more than one hundred years ago, and unfortunatelly it doesn’t lost any of it’s actuality.” Gábor Bóta, Népszava, 2017


„A great performance, if we want to get something special, which besides making you wonder raises an infinite laugh and entertains.” Bence V., Corn and Soda, 2016


"Zoltán Balázs plays as a finger-work with the opportunity given by the species of art. In every moment happens something entertaining, but it also flashes the sore spots of society-mirrors.” Emőke Sárosi, Kútszéli Stílus, 2016.