Csongor and Tünde premiere at Castle Theatre, Gyula

One of the classic masterpieces of Hungarian literature, the tale of seeking happiness is staged by the innovative theater director, Balázs Zoltán. The director’s concept of Maladype Theater’s art director twines the mundane, symbolic and magical lines of Csongor and Tünder’s parallel stories like a DNA spiral. Unfolding the mental planes projected onto each other in Mihály Vörösmarty’s text as well as the complex reflections therein, the multi-arts puzzle organically integrates text, spectacle, and carefully constructed movements and (opera) music. The performance avoids the inherently didactic approach of the play and highlights how the two (the Self and the Other) cannot exist without each other: they suppose and complement each other, like animus and anima. The reduced and integrated duality of the ‘personality model’ created by Woman and Man melting into the other may encounter in the ‘imaginary space’ created by the players and the audience.

Director: Zoltán Balázs
Performers: Ágota Szilágyi, Marianna Sipos, Erika Tankó, László Kéringer, János Fekete "Jammal", Viktória Denk, Zsigmond Bödők, Lóránd Bartha, Eszter Balogh
Music: László Sáry
Set design: Zoltán Balázs
Costume: Anikó Németh

Performance by Maladype Theater coporduction with Castle Theatre, Gyula.

OPENING NIGHT: 11 August 2017, Castle Theatre, Gyula