Best website for Maladype Theatre

On June 8, the opening day of the POSZT National Theatre Festival, the theater marketing conference Buy a Theater! (organized for the third time) awarded the prize Buy A Theater!, which was founded by the Magyar Teátrumi Társaság (Hungarian Theater Company) this year.

The awardees:

Best website: Maladype Theatre

Best theater poster and publication of the year: National Theatre Târgu-Mureş Tompa Miklós Company

Best social media site: Vígszínház

Best buffet & Best theater seat: Jókai Theatre, Békéscsaba

There were 121 applications submitted to the 6 categories from 43 theaters during the two-week nomination period. Theaters entering into the competition were casting their votes on the other submissions, excluding their own.

Category-winners were awarded a voucher for a Facebook campaign worth HUF 150 00, with the winners determining the timing and theme of the campaign themselves. Winners also participate at a two-day marketing training, aiming to gain useful and hands-on knowledge to implement in their own theater’s practices.

Almost 100 professionals working in theater marketing participated at the 3rd Buy A Theater! theater marketing conference Buy a Theater!, which is part of the campaign launched last year, I Went to the Theater! This year’s themes included the importance of accessibility and international branding, and participants were also introduced to Hungarian cultural trends and the latest polling tools.

"It's important how theaters look at themselves, how seriously they take themselves and how they plan their communication activities. Creativity and the conscious use of marketing tools are just as important in the world of theater as it is anywhere else. Hungarian spectators purchased 6.5 million theater tickets last year – this is 1.5 times more than 5 years ago. This number was a result of quality theater productions and their witty and sophisticated introduction to the audience.” – said László Szabó, secretary of the Magyar Teátrumi Társaság (Hungarian Theater Company) in their release.

Find submissions and the complete list of Buy A Theater! winners via the website

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