Szabolcs Hajdu is directing the new piece Ernella's at Wolf’s at Maladype

Rehearsals of Ernella's at Wolf’s have started at Maladype’s Base.

Szabolcs Hajdu (film director of White Palms, Bibliotheque Pascal and Mirage) presents an autobiographical piece inspired by his personal experience.
The opening night will take place on the 17th April at 7pm at Maladype's Base.
The cast will include Szilágyi Ágota (Laura), Tankó Erika (Ernella), Török-Illyés Orsolya (Eszter), Hajdu Szabolcs (Farkas), Gelányi Imre (Brúnó) and Szabó Domokos (Albert).

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Maladype welcomes the audience to take part in the open rehearsals of Ernella at Wolf’s on April 16th at 7pm.

"We talk about ourselves, our wishes, doubts and anxieties. We talk about our everyday lives, families, children and parents. We’re not special; our problems are similar. Things are all around us, we just need to reach out to them and somehow tell the story; on film or in writing, standing at the bus stop or on the phone - it doesn’t matter. Now to the theatre, lets forget about formalities, lets just talk, lets tell the story while we can, while we know, lets give news to each other about ourselves.”
Szabolcs Hajdu

Ernella at Wolf’s by Maladype Theatre:
‘Poor Ernella. Her only wish is for someone to love her, for somebody to be interested in her. Somehow Ernella is unable to find joy in what she does. She’s looking for an answer from elsewhere, however there is no one who can solve her problems but herself.
The other day she came over with her husband. They have a ten year old daughter. They came over in the middle of the night. They came home from abroad suddenly - they spent a year in Scotland, they unexpectedly left and now have unexpectedly returned. There has never been a strong connection between us, but they don’t sense this. For some reason they love to spend time with us. I don’t think we share a single opinion on anything.
It’s hard to see the way they handle their daughter. Ernella’s constantly complaining about her tough childhood, yet she treats her child just as her parents treated her. I think I managed to evolve from my parents, for example I’ve never hit Bruno - and he’s a tough kid to handle.’