The Hundred Supporters' Project – Maladype's project at half time

Due to the reduction of grants and supports the everyday work, educational programs and existance of Maladype was in danger in the summer of 2013. In this serious situation not only our inland and international projects were difficult to finance but the company itself. To make a good thing out of the crisis and to defend our philosophy and preserve our values we announced last year The Hundred Supporters' Project which was a unique solution in the independent sphere aiming to give alternatives in the practice of supporting the civil sphere with the help of hundred companies, institutions and private persons.

The fundraising concept responds susceptibly to the drop of the amount of supports, instead of asking for big donations it expacts smaller ones. The project protectorated by Júlia Király former Vice President of the Hungarian National Bank is at half time. Approximately 50 supporters from Hungary and abroad, small and medium businesses, large companies and mainly private persons realized the authentic and relevant values in Maladype's philosophy.

Kiraly Julia2
Thanks to our strategy we established many long-term relationships with our partners during that year. These growing partnership gives the chance to our supporters to participate in our international and inland projects and in our theatre`s everyday life. The events that connect Maladype and its partners, Gold-Bug Method, the analytic training of Zoltán Balázs, the workshop concept created by us and the future economic leaders offer more opportunities for these cooperations to culminate.

Supporters about Maladype:
„In my opinion the creative, innovative Hungary we are referring to a lot can not work without the „culture spreading” mission of independent theatres. We need ideas and long-term solutions. Following with attention Maladype’s inland and abroad work, their educational programs that help social integration, I’m convinced that defending their unique philosophy, their values and supporting their activity of public utility is our responsibility.”
Júlia Király, former Vice President of the Hungarian National Bank

„In my opinion it’s a huge success for a community to follow some constant and definite values on the long run. This must be the secret of surviving. The students participating in this mentor program are members of a selected group. The name of this project is Together for the future – The future leaders of economy. Being a good professional is not enough for becoming a good leader, that’s why we are keep on widening their horizons to make them become a person responsible not just for the economic unit but the whole society. This cooperation with Maladype Theatre is a good opportunity for them.”
Dr. Judith Tóth, head of the Institute for Training and Consulting in Banking

„Being independent is one of the most important velues of Maladype. What they are working on is something special never seen anywhere else in the world, that’s why I feel it so important for others to see them. Maladype is a kind of theatre never fit to the all-time culture politics. But there’s a particular group of intellectuals whose principles are very similar to those of Maladype and this can be a strong connection.”
Dr. Zoltán Borbély, lawyer, former prosecutor of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office

„The answer became clear when Zoltán Balázs and me started to talk about it. I had seen all their performances so far and their attitude, way of thinking was very familiar for me. It’s hard to explain but I feel that every word, gesture, move, joke is well-thought-out, there’s much work in it, and I always bring the experience home. It always makes me think… Any time a scene comes to my mind, it brings a different meaning, and I can’t help thinking about it…”
Krisztina Horváth, head of Cisco Hungary, project manager of Maladype Theatre

„After all a concept we are able to undertake!”
Ádám Mészáros, head of BSCE IT and Consultant Ltd.

„This is the best place where me and my collegues get what we need. We spent a weekend with Zoltán Balázs 6 month ago. It was worth. We still rely on what we learnt from him. We will continue soon, I think we are ready for it.”
Zoltán Borics, head of Mareco Estate Agency

For creating a stable financial background and to widen the team of our supporters we are constantly working on the success of our concept. You can read the full version of the interviews under the title: They are watching Maladype.