Centaur - Before the premier

Director László Csuja about the performance:
"The performance is based on the book titled Loving hate by Joachim Gneist. This psychological textbook is about the widespread mental disorder: borderline syndrome. A borderline person`s identity is immature and very much puzzled, that`s why their relations are dominated by two emotions simultaneously: love and hate. For they can not define their identity and their relations, they are continuously provoking others. I find this mental statement very interesting because these people are especially sensitive to human nature, always seeking for a way to the others."

The story is about a 30-year-old woman with absolutely common social life and work. She is trying to find a link to the normal world but because of her mental instability, her relation to her boyfriend, other friends and collegues starts to be confusing. This chronic emptiness felt inside makes her giving up normal life and she gets so introverted that the only thing to live for remains her motorbike. She loses reality from day to day, finally unreality takes control over her life. Her delusion brings the motorbike to life and their bodies and souls become one in the end. She breaks out from her dreamlike reality with the help of the machine. Will she ever be free?

The story of the performance compiles of Imre Bartók`s belletristic text and the improvisations of the actors. The outcome is somehow fragmanted and unstructured. Scenes are not built on each other in a convential way, often the audience can only get a peep of the story, another time they see small happenings, precisely elaborated psychological processes. Inner and outer, rational and irrational, fantasy and reality are mixed in the story by the emotional disharmony of the central character.


Writer: Imre Bartók

Actors: Zoltán Lendváczky, Ákos Orosz, Csenge Szilágyi, Erika Tankó, Tomi Kosynus

Dramaturgy: Bence Bíró
Director: László Csuja