Season Opening with overview of the Company's last decade

On 15 September 2012, there will be a season opening party on the Maladype Base which will be connected with an overview of the company’s last decade. Through this event we’d like to show our adoration to Péter Molnár Gál who was an author, a critic, and also the joint author of the Maladype book. With our special guests we are going to talk through the most exciting stories that happened to us during these years.

The event will start at 6 p.m. and will be led off by Tamás Tarján a literary historian, critic, and playreader, who will talk about the book Maladype 10 év/years with the authors and the members of the company. Then comes the „Inferno-pastiche” written by Mátyás Dunajcsik, a poet, author and translator, who created this pastiche specifically for this company. After the Inferno-pastiche performed by the actors of Maladype comes Péter Üveges who playes slide-guitar improvisations on his minimal-stringed electronic guitar which has no acoustics at all.

When this retrospection assembled by Rita Sebestyén (author, researcher, aesthete) ends, the real party begins. The unconventional opening ceremony will end with a soirée which will imitate the style and feeling of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Music played by Pesti Tangózenekar will certainly help us feel what was it like to live in the Roaring Twenties.

Their spaciality is the bandoneón – used only by this band in Hungary – a type of concertina particularly popular in Argentina, which is an essential instrument in tango. Pesti Tangózenekar is the only Hungarian „orquesta típica” which plays in the traditional instrumental set-up: bandoneón section, string section, piano and double bass. The great classics of the 1920’s and the dancable songs of Astor Piazzol can also be found in their repertoire. Members of the band: Tamás Radnai (bandoneón), Eszter Horváth (violin), Ilona Meskó (piano), András Szöllősi (double bass, singer).

Those who want to come to the party are asked to have something elegant on which befits this special night.

Both programs are for free, just bring some drink and snack.