Alina Nelega: Amelie's Sign (Teatrul Act)

At the invitiaive of the Maladype Theatre three independent theatres from three different countries will perform guest shows in each other`s capitals. The Teatrul Act Bucharest, the Mini Theatre Ljubljana and the Maladype Budapest will present their best performances in Bucharest, Ljubljana and Budapest.

At the invitation of the Maladype Theatre Testrul Act Bucharest will present Alina Nelega`s awards wining monodrama, Amelie`s Sigh in the Merlin Theatre Budapest on the 20th of February 2011.

Alina Nelega: AMELIE`S SIGH /Amalia respira adânc/


Guest performance of Teatrul Act from Bucharest to be shown in Merlin Theatre
on 20th February 2011
at 7 pm

Performed by: Cristina Cassian
Set and costume: Alexandra Penciuc
Directed by: Mariana Camarasan

/75 minutes with Hungarian subtitles/

The following day, on 21 February, 2011 at 6 pm. at the Base of Maladype Theatre (VIII. District, Mikszáth Square 2.) at the initiative of the Hungarian Theatre Institute a discussion will be held on the subject: The place and role of the contemporary drama and the independent theatres in our theatrical life.