Someone like me

Writer: Roy Chen
Someone like me

Translated by Sylvia Huszár 
Directed by Zoltán Balázs

The latest play by Roy Chen, a playwright and permanent author at the Gesher Theater in Jaffa, interprets the issues of psychiatric disorders that are still considered taboo even today in the form of an honest confession, creating a raw and humorous stage reality for its characters at the same time. The socially sensitive work gives an unshielded insight not only into the souls of the patients and doctors, but also of the parents.

The Israeli author’s work depicts the lives of young people with mental disorders at a psychiatric institute preparing to present their own theatrical performance led by the new educator, Miss Caroline.

The psycho-patron performance of the Maladype Theatre contributes to the knowledge of the healing processes of autognosis competencies - reintegration, rehabilitation, resocialization - through playing with the “theatre in the theatre” motif in an extremely complex way.



Dr. Dorian: Gáspár Mesés
Caroline: Edina Bajkó g.a.
Mia: Brigitta Erőss
Tamara/Tom: Andrea Lukács
Max: Kornél Ádám
Gabriel: Zoltán Pál
Esther: Erika Vincze
Mom: Lilla Zsenák
Dad: Gedeon András 

Director: Zoltán Balázs
Literary adviser: Zsuzsanna Juraszek
Scenography: Zoltán Balázs
Costumes: Anikó Németh
Leader of music: Brigitta Erőss
Creative producer: Sylvia Huszár
Production manager: Katalin Balázs

Opening night:
March 17, 2022, Eötvös10, Chamber Hall

Running time: 70 minutes

Collaborating partners: Eötvös10 Community Center, The Israeli Cultural Institute, The Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama, Connecting the Dots.

With the support of EMMI, Embassy of Israel in Budapest

The play is represented in Hungary by the Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama.