Plans for the season - 2010/2011

The plans for Maladype Theatre's 2010/2011 season align with those that were conceived in the previous season, and which have since been partially realized. The central philosophy of these plans continues to be "playfulness while following our own rules". With our planned programmes we intend to assure artistic continuity and to preserve and further develop the qualities associated with Maladype.

Thanks to the playful, innovative nature of our performances, our audience can return to us time and again to enjoy the fresh relevance of the day`s act, and participate as an insider. The physical, emotional and intellectual state of our actors thus requires high intensity and continuous conditioning. We strive to achieve this necessary and expected quality during our shows this season, which will hopefully the relationship with our audience into a more systematic, organic and lively level.

One of our plans is the establishment of a so called Open Academy, which will - with the involvement of experts on the Maladype Base - enable us to continue joint thinking with our audience. As a result, certain concepts, which have as yet not been clarified in our everyday theater, will find their true value and pragmatic content yet again.

We are especially pleased to welcome in this season such experienced and great actors as Mari Törőcsik and Ilona Béres as guests to our young and independent troupe, offering our theater a special possibility. A talented Hungarian movie director, Pater Sparrow is also coming to our company to work together with the actors for several months long within the frame of a workshop.

Chekhov: Platonov
Director: Zoltán Balázs
Opening night: 16th October 2010 (Thália Theater)

Beaumarchais: The Marriage of Figaro
Director: Sándor Zsótér
Opening night: 20th December 2010 (Maladype Base)
Guest: Mari Törőcsik

Dante: Inferno

Director: Zoltán Balázs
Opening night: 1st April 2011 (Trafó)
Guest: Ilona Béres