The Hundred Supporters' Project

Maladype Theatre launches a nationwide mission:
Due to the financial crisis, the incalculable governmental support and the constant reduction of tenders, Maladype`s artistic activity, community service, social integration projects and also its existence is in danger. Under these circumstances it`s impossible to finance not just major projects but the company`s everyday life and work. To rescue ten years of work, ardor and struggle Maladype calls for help: its aim is to integrate a hundred firms, institutions and private persons – each supporting the theatre with a hundred thousand forint – in "The Hundred Supporters' Project".

The innovative fund raising culture of the complex project responds susceptibly to the necessary reduction of the donations given by firms, so instead of being supported with a bigger amount of money the company expects some smaller donations. Maladype invites small-, medium-, and also large bussinesses, institutions and private persons to join the project. According to its aims the extraordinary concept will be able to connect the theatre`s present and future partners through meetings and further cooperations.

The success of the project running under the patronage of Júlia Király economist could be a good example of the culture supporting activity of the business sector. The broadening of the supporters` circle, the use of the donations and the common events with participation of the actors, audience and representatives of the firms will be traceable soon on Maladype`s website and Facebook profile.