Maladype's tour in India

We are on the tour with Egg(s)Hell in India from the 3rd untill 9th of November 2012. This year Hungary will be one of the honorary guests of the Delhi International Arts Festival (DIAF). The trip is organized by Hungarofest Nonprofit Kft. and is sponsored by the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice.


Hungary’s presence at the international festival enhances not only the already existing cultural ties between the two countries but contributes also to the artistic and professional development of the artists performing at that renown international event.

During the Festival Maladype presenting its novel and highly acknowledged artistic achievements will have the opportunity to offer special artistic adventure to the Indian audiences always ready to meet with new visions and experiences.

On the 5th of November 2012 in the Studio of the Zorba the Buddha, on the 6th of November 2012 in the Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts well known for its penchant for presenting experimental theatrical troupes can be seen the non verbal performance Egg(s)Hell. The performance presents Sándor Weöres’ beautiful one verse long poem with playful momentum. The show is accompanied with classical and contemporary Hungarian music.

On the November 8th 2012 the company travels from New Delhi to Dehradun, to perform the Egg(s(Hell at the Virasat Arts Festival.