Zoltán Balázs directs in Ljubljana

The director of the Maladype Theatre puts on stage the everlasting story of Tristan and Isolde in his special way in the Mini Teater Ljubljana with Slovene actors. The Mini Theatre cooperates with internationally recognized theatres and actors on a regular basis.


Tristan and Isolde
Concept and directed by: Zoltán Balázs
Opening Night: 24th of March, 2012
Mini Teater Ljubljana, Slovenia

In the framework of the EU`s Culture 2010 - 13 Program the "Puppet Nomad Academy II” project provides grant for eight countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary). The aim of this unique program invited directors keen on putting on stage with avantgarde theatrical methods antique and old European topics. Parallel to the rehearsals in Ljubljana the rehearsals of Don Carlos take with some breaks also place in the Maladype Base in the presence of the director.