Maladype Theatre

Maladype Theatre - founded in 2001 - is an independent theatre company based in Budapest, Hungary. Maladype Theatre does not receive regular governmental funds, it maintains itself exclusively from grant programs.

Maladype’s autonomy is not only financial, it is the foundation of its creative independence. It allows the company an artistic freedom that resonates throughout their work.

The company, comprising of a team of resident artists, theatre practitioners and creatives is constantly reinventing itself. It relentlessly seeks extraordinary situations, generating new perceptions and embracing natural elements as an organic component of theatre making. Maladype has also developed a unique language and methodology that is not only understood by its artists but also by its ever growing audience.

Playfulness, acting and reacting is the essential part of Maladype Theatre. Its theatrical method is structured around two main principles. The first principle is the continuous development and conditioning (both physically and mentally) of its actors. Secondly, their approach focuses on an intensive and continuous relationship between the artist and audience allowing open communication by facilitating public rehearsals.

The distinctive characteristic of each, individual piece is its capability to adapt according to the physical, cultural and emotional context depending on the location and setting of any given performance. This makes the shows accessible to all.

Maladype has received numerous awards, has toured both nationally and internationally (including countries like India, Iran and the US), and is led by Artistic Director and Director Zoltán Balázs.

Risk and Reward: OUR PHILOSOPHY

We are convinced that a certain set of ‘rules’ or preconceived ideas (like the structure of a theatre company or how to live your life) can become more interesting and exciting when unexpected events and uncertainty occurs. However, risking your organised world requires courage, since convention implies safety, and you might lose your sense of security. But why should you give way to random events and unpredictability? Because therein lies an opportunity to elevate your sense of joy and achievement as a result of taking a chance!

Enthusiastic risk taking and creative experimentation offers a limitless world to us and to you - offering new possibilities of both identity and destiny. Our imagination is guided by the unexpected opportunities of chance. We choose to take the risk and play the game.

The excitement of this game can be boosted to extremes if the player’s awareness is sharpened and their actions and reactions are concentrated. The possible course of actions the players can take are defined by the infinite number of new situations they are presented with throughout the game. This generates the discipline of ‘playing’ within the play and encourages the spectators to join in.



Maladype’s own theatre space - apartment theatre

The idea of establishing an independent base for Maladype company has come up several times. The constantly changing conditions and our innovative ambitions have encouraged us to create a place functioning as an „open workshop”, where our operations are guided by our own expectatitions and rhythm, a place that offers more intense, more frequent and organic contact with our audience. This direct connection shall be based on the performances and happening – like events ot the company, independent initiatives or our artists, and our spectators' response.

Maladype Base serves firstly as a rehearsal room and performing place suitable for seating at least 50 people, but it could also be a location for concerts, exhibitions, „meet-up-auther” and „meet-up actors” events, debates, public readings, film clubs, and programs aiming at theatrical education. The Base functions as a creative space for our actors, for their reflections on our changing environment.

Our new performances aleady take into consideration the special characteristics of the Base, and our interactive theatrical experiments change according to that. During the open rehearsals of King Ubu by Alfred Jarry the audience had the opportunity to participate regularly. We hope to create colorful and lively club life at Maladype Base through continous bilateral communication with the audience and varied programs.